This is a reminder to anyone who has followed me in the past couple months (and there are a lot of you, for some reason):

I am no longer on Tumblr. I have not deleted it in case I need anything from the archives, but I will no longer be updating this (or any other) Tumblr. If you ant to follow the inane ramblings of this dude who is posting right now, you can head over to

If you do not know what I quit Tumblr, then you are either lazy or illiterate. I do not expect anyone else to quit because of me, nor do I look down on those who use Tumblr (though, that is a general rule and does not apply to all Tumblr users; there ARE exceptions).

To refresh my blog, I think Tumblr has become a website full of whiny asshoels who have nothing better to do than to glorify the bad things that exist in the world, while having only a (at best) cursory appreciation of the good things (which I whole-heartedly believe outweigh the bad).

In other words:

This community has chosen to highlight the bad things in society. While I do not believe that the world is entirely good, I DO believe that the users of Tumblr have taken the same approach other websites’ communities have taken: If the System is ‘not working’, it is broken and therefore must be destroyed. This is a naive and foolish idea which has been mistakenly construed as true, despite much evidence to the contrary.

Please take the time to establish your own opinion, your own identity, and your own thoughts. Where many users of Tumblr see their view as absolute, I see another version of tyranny. Do not allow yourself to be brain-washed by this pseudo-loving community. If you choose to stay, at least try to be a force of positive and rational thinking.

Good bye for good, Tumblr. If you reblog from  this blog, do it because you like the content, not because you think you agree with whatever view it expresses.

But really, this will be my last post. I’m sick of this so-called accepting culture that is so deeply insulted by frivolous things that they carry on about social justice and reform when they have no idea what that means.

You’re as bad as the Republicans who shame gays, the White People who shame blacks, the Sunnis who shame Shiites, and pretty much every other racist group in the world. You’re racist against anyone who you perceive to be a threat, and you essentially arbitrarily chose the Young White Male as the figurehead. Well, here’s one YWM who has never done anyone any harm who has had it and is done. Good job, Tumblr. Great fucking job. Grow the fuck up.